Objectos Têxteis | 1987

It is a shop/ Workshop.

In the back, secluded, the workshop where the objects are created.

On the other side the exhibition space, where the pieces are staged to seduce the viewer, like an installation.

Next to Lisbon’s cathedral, an old bakery, full of stories and light, with its old marble and glass balconies.

Here a connection is made between bread and clay, kneaded and baked by fire, the foodstuff and its container.

A number of pieces are shown, made in different techniques, where white clay, polished or glazed, is associated with bone, wood, iron, gold or silk.

A collection of bags inspired in the traditional bread bags, in which exquisite fabrics, passementerie, buttons and threads are used.

Every object is unique, a product of time and care.

Like remains they bring back memories of everyday life, of the home, its utensils, clothes, the body, rituals of life and death.