Tempo de Espera | 2002/05

Lisboa, Museu,Laboratório e Jardim Botânico, 2002; Tavira, Palácio da Galeria, 2002;  Beira Interior, Museu de Lanifícios, 2005;

Teresa gathered a lot of chairs to make us discover that things can be seen not only by its useful side, but also by its aesthetic. We do not always see that many of the things that we use have a side that can be sensible too and that, unexpectedly, arise in us the possibility of liking them (...)  I do not know, whether this is not a lesson for many of the things of the world. Maybe inside of things, there is this possibility of finding yet another universe that is not exactly what we give them as useful and functional objects. Therefore, we must: first to look at things under the perspective of coming into synthesis with the poetic halo of the universe, and second: to do things bearing in our minds that they, beside being useful can also satisfy our need to look at the aesthetic side of the world.

António Alçada Baptista

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