Tudo o que é sólido... | 1996

Lisboa, Museu Laboratório e Jardim Botânico,  1996;

(...) There is an apparent simplicity, as it were, a certain rigidity or coldness in the composition and installation of the components in each module. Scrap metal (reworked to a greater or lesser degree), bones and rotting wood or the fibrous skeleton of dry stems and leaves are found together here. They are not put together in chaotic fashion, but rather étalées in reliquary boxes. One feels that each choice is mediated. There is always a web of threads that Teresa Pavão uses in each piece like a signature or mark of possession.
Each world thus gains a tense force generated by the subjection of these threads which mould and maintain the chosen shape (...)

Fernando Catarino

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_técnica mista: ferro, arame, ouro, bronze, redes metálicas, cobre, prata, bronze, madeira, bambu, osso, palma, sementes, faiança, esparto, seda, ráfia, cânhamo.


Tudo o que é sólido ...