Objectos Têxteis | 1987

Museu Nacional do Traje | Lisboa

A careful way of looking at nature. To capture its visible dimension that is not easily seen. From a stone to the bark of a palm tree, from a skin of a snake to wood, worn out by sun and salt.
To recreate textures, forms and lines, from materials that seem to have nothing in common with each other. Cotton threads, silk, ivory, wool, stones, alabaster, snakeskin, suede, bamboo, palm tree bark, driftwood, raffia, turtle shell, coral, fishing lines… Warp and weft, here and there containing memories of other cultures.
A stone found in the sea, its surface crossed with white lines, to look at its surface and continue it in textiles, weaving the web that ties it all together. To rediscover and recreate the intelligent placing that nature has for all things. Closing this new order in an untouchable space such as the mythical dimension of a stone worn out by the waves or a piece of bark fallen from a palm tree.

Rafael Reis

...Mixed media: cotton Threads, wool, linen, silk, vegetal fibre, ropes, fishing lines, hemp, straw, bamboo, feathers, sisal, raffia, snakeskin, suede, palm tree bark, turtle shell, bone, African seeds, ivory, shells, mother of pearl, pistachio seeds, alabaster, corals, driftwood, glass and silver.




Objectos Texteis